Our business has been in Burlington, Iowa for 30 years. We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce, member of American Hair Loss Council, member of the Downtown Partners Inc. Our owner has served on American Cancer Society Board of Director for several years, belongs to Travelers Protective Association of America, and a member of American Business Women's Association.

We supply businesses such as:

  • Dept. Stores
  • Wig Distributors
  • Wig Shops & Extra Hair
  • Beauty Salons, Gift Shops & Boutiques
  • Medical Supplies
  • Hospices programs
  • Hospitals Oncology Dept.
  • Hospital Gift Shops
  • Beauty Supplies

About Hook and Loop Bangs:

Included with each Hook and Loop BANG is a soft-sided piece of velcro. We suggest
that you fasten this soft loop by sliding through the inside loop area of

The further back you place the hook and loop  into the turban, the shorter the bangs
will be. Hook and Loop BANGS may also be used with barettes, etc. Be sure that
the article is wide enough to cover hook and loop strip.


Black [1 or 1b]

Dk. Brown [2 or 4]

Med. Brown [6 or 8]

Lt. Brown [10 or 12]

Dk. Blonde [14 or 14/24]

Med. Blonde [16 or 25]

Ash Brown [18 or 18/22]

Lt. Blonde [22 or 24]

Pale Blonde [102]
Frosts or Blends [18/22 16/22 14/24]

Lt.Golden Reds [ 15 or 19 or 27]

Med Red [30]

Dk Red [33]

Brown & Grey Mix [38 or 36]

Dk. Brown & Grey Mix [34 or 44]

Black & Grey Mix [ 281 or 280]

Grey & Brown Mix [51 or 56]

All Grey [101]

All White [60]

Need a Special Blend?

Let us know the colors & we will frost & blend for you.

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Contact Information:
Today's Modern Hair Options
413 Valley St.
Burlington, Iowa 52601

email: info@turbans2.com

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